Yawei Press Brake


PBH Series CNC Press Brakes

High-speed and high-agility press brakes

           Use pressure difference control system, low oil temperature and less overflow, stable and reliable

Multiple choices of tooling and clamping

          High-response hydraulic control technology brings higher speed, higher efficiency, and more stabilized precision.

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PBC Series CNC Press Brake


Energy-saving and high-efficiency press brakes

       Can choose servo motor as main drive to achieve better energy-saving performance
Mechanical crowning, better precision on thin sheets
   High-speed back-gauge system, high-speed hydraulic system, better efficiency
High-precision finger-stops, back-gauge range can be extended, suitable for very wide sheets

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PB Heavy Tonnage Series


Heavy tonnage press brakes

     Specialized hydraulic system, stable and reliable
Can be customized according to different specifications
Multiple configurations to choose
Rich experience on tooling design for the best bending plans
Double or multiple tandem extension is supported

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PBA, PBH, PBC (pdf)


PBH(A) heavy duty pressbrake (pdf)